The Well Online!
Tonight the Well will be held where ever you can get an internet connection. That is because it’s all online!

The message you will hear tonight is from the fantastic Corey Whitaker on our Sound Cloud page. You can also take a look at all of the past sermons from this semester as well as other series and our “Senior I Go Bounds.”


For worship you can go to our specially made Spotify playlist organized by Joe Rothwell this week.


Finally, if you are asking yourself how we plan on praying for each and everyone of you without the Well bulletin. Wonder no more! Here is a Google Form you can use to send in those prayer requests. We still want to pray for you guys and we’re never going to stop. You can also let us know if you want to learn more about becoming a Christian, talk to a staff member, baptism, and so much more! We miss meeting with everyone, but God is good and His praise goes on through it all! Here is the link to the google form.…/1FAIpQLSerr-edYqk6TnZhc…/viewform…