“The Good Portion”

Do you ever wonder why God included, in scripture, the story of two sisters arguing about kitchen chores? (Matt 10:38) As one of 4 girls in my family this seems a rather common occurrence in most households! This event follows the well known gospel story of the good Samaritan. (Matt:10:37) 

A man is injured, lying in the road and only 1 out of 3 people passing by saw fit to show this man mercy with their time, money and personal sacrifice. Jesus’ response was “go and do likewise”. When Mary and Martha were arguing, Jesus said what Mary had chosen to do was “the good portion”.

During the current world situation I have observed so many people making choices similar to that of the good Samaritan. Finding ways to help, care, and minister to others. With their time, money, and personal sacrifice. People are caring for their “neighbor” as defined in scripture. Because of the changes and  slowdown of our daily schedule many of us are finding more time to choose “the good portion” as Mary did. Which was spending time with Jesus.

My hope and prayer for all of us is that as life eventually returns to “normal” we will continue both as individuals and as a corporate body to love well. May the good changes such as meaningful time with family, enjoying God’s beauty around us, the counting of our blessings, be the part that stays with us! May the church continue outside its walls to love our neighbors as creatively as we have been doing. May the peace that invades our souls from spending time with Him be a continued priority in our lives. May our nation experience a Godly revival as we pray for God’s mercy. As in any crisis, I pray for a speedy resolve. But mostly I PRAY that that we will not allow in “Jesus words to Martha” that which is good to be taken away from us.
Lydia Weideman – Women’s Ministry