“Who God IS”
I have found that often in times of uncertainty and stress I experience some of my deepest moments of spiritual growth. For most of us, when life is flowing along at a normal pace we have a tendency to feel less urgency about our need to be fully reliant on God.
The verse I have chosen to reflect on today is two fold. Psalm 46:1 and Psalm 46:10. We are reminded that God is our refuge and our strength in times of trouble. Verse 10 reminds us to “be still and know that I am God”. The stopping is not the focus, but the slowing down allows us time to reflect on exactly who God is.
It is very helpful to make a list of all the adjective that describe God: All Powerful, All Knowing, Sovereign, Faithful, Undefeatable, Always Present, the list goes on. You can make your own list, but in these moments of fear and uncertainty take some quiet moments to focus on the knowledge of who God IS. Journal memories of His faithfulness.
Sing His praise, rejoice in this truth, He is our refuge and strength. Surrendering our hearts and minds to this knowledge brings incredible peace.
Lydia Weideman – Womens Ministry