A False Sense of Security

I have a friend who has worked construction in both Missouri and Arizona. He told me that the biggest difference between these two states when it comes to working outside in the summer is the humidity. In Missouri the summers can be fairly hot but they are mostly characterized by the humidity. The running joke in Missouri is that you do not need a pool to go swimming in the summer, you just simply walk out the door and you are instantly drenched. Arizona is also known for being extremely hot in the summer. In fact, Arizona’s temperature reaches much higher numbers than Missouri’s does. However, there is virtually no humidity in Arizona. My friend told me that the lack of humidity is the most dangerous part of working outside in the summer in Arizona. He explained that when it is humid outside, and you start to sweat, you naturally want to stop, take a break, and get a drink of water. But when there is no humidity, you do not really sweat as much and you forget that your body still needs to be re-hydrated.

You see, it is the false sense of security that you get from not feeling sweaty and miserable that fools you into thinking that you are ok. However, the only reason you do not sweat as much in Arizona is because it is so hot that your sweat evaporates before you have a chance to notice. And it is often not until you have already overworked yourself and drained your body of the fluids that it needs that you realize your mistake, and by that point it is usually too late.

I found this information to be very interesting and it is something that I often think about in relation to how Satan works in our lives. Our enemy is not always trying to put obviously sinful situations in our path in big ways. More often than not, he is trying to fool us into thinking nothing is wrong at all so that we become comfortable and more susceptible to sin. I love the way David Walls and Max Anders describe this in their commentary on the book of Jude. They write;

“Satan works like that. He makes dangerous things look safe. He gives us a false sense of security. He makes it easier for us to make a mistake. Satan tries not to scare us to death, but rather to make us think we face littler danger of a spiritual fall” (Walls & Anders, 1999, p. 206). 

Our adversary is sneaky. 1 Peter 5:8 describes him as a “roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” It is when we start to feel like there is no way we could ever be tempted to sin that we are in the most danger of letting our pride cloud our judgment. This is why the first part of 1 Peter 5:8 is so important; “Be sober-minded; be watchful.” We must take this battle that we are in with evil seriously. We cannot afford to take Satan lightly or ignore him altogether. We must be ready to stand firm in our faith in God always so that the subtle ways the enemy tries to chip away at us will be futile. This means a constant dwelling on what is good; the Gospel. My prayer everyone today is that we would take our spiritual battle seriously by daily putting on the full armor of God. 

Read Ephesians 6:10-18 and consider how each “piece of armor” can help you fight off the adversary’s tricky attacks. 

Chris Crowe – Campus Minister


Walls, D., & Anders, M. (1999). Holman new testament commentary: I &II Peter, I, II, III John, Jude. Nashville, TN: B & H Publishing Group.