Honorable Time
I live in a house with four boys under twelve. I have to be honest in stating that there are a lot of things that go to waste. LEGO sets and Wii games that they just had to have, now broken down beyond a rebuild or sitting in a drawer left undefeated. I grew up in a home where money was tight and lights were turned off when you left a room and a dinner plate cleaned before you left the table. 
There is a list of stories concerning King David’s mighty men in the Bible and I could understand why the one man that killed 800 men in a single battle or the man who went down into a slick, snowy pit and killed a lion was included. They deserved to make the list with their heroic actions. 
There was one story that always puzzled me. It wasn’t the activity of the three mighty men who left the safety of the king’s stronghold and crossed Philistine enemy lines to get the parched King David a drink of water. It is the king of your people, of course you need to care for him or else you could forfeit the entire fight. These men risked life and limb in order to meet a physical need and once they return successfully with drink in hand, David publicly recognized their bravery and then dumped it all out on the ground. He didn’t even take a little swig to wet his dried and cracked lips before the pour. I had always admired the total bravery on the part of the three and baulked at the utter stupidity on the part of the king. How would those men feel watching that water that they had risked so much to get now soaked up in the soil they stood on. 
Yet what I had always considered the biggest waste of bravery was actually the greatest honor David could have bestowed. To recognize the three men and drink the water to satisfy his thirst would have brought honor. However, by his actions, the king went beyond himself to one greater and more honorable than he. “But he refused to drink it; instead, he poured it out before the Lord (2 Samuel 23:16).” 
There are things that happen in Kingdom life that do not make a lot of sense to most people. The sacrifice of a young life in an effort to reach an unreached tribal group, abandonment of parents’ dreams of their child to be a lawyer or doctor to then work minimum wage for an NGO, or the distribution of a family fortune for the sake of the underprivileged. People look at that and say, “What a waste!” But if something is poured out for the Lord, it is the most honorable act imaginable. What in your life are you holding onto that you need to pour out to the Lord? How can you turn this waste of time due to a cantankerous virus and pour it out to the one and only and make it the most honorable time ever spent?
Ben – International Ministry