Small Groups

Our small groups are led by CCH staff and are a time of focused Bible teaching. These small groups are focused on examining the Bible, but don’t just consist of studying the Bible, strictly speaking. The goal for these studies is to dig deeper and to gain greater understanding of God’s Word and will for our lives, and to build relationships with the people around us. Our studies start at the beginning of the semester, but you can jump into them at anytime!
This semester the staff will be teaching through the Sermon on the Mount. 

Fall Semester 2018

7:00PM Ben Wellsand, Room 2
8:00PM Corey Whitaker, Room 1
8:00AM Lance Tamerius, Room 1
4:00PM David Sowers, Room 1
6:30PM Chris Crowe, Nick Riley, Room 2
5:00PM Corey Whitaker, Room 1
6:30PM Lydia Weideman, Emily Crowe, Room 2
11:00AM Chris Crowe, Room 1 (Men Only)
11:00AM Emily Crowe, Room 2 (Women Only)
3:30PM Lydia Weideman, Room 2
6:30PM Lance Tamerius’ home — Couples Only
10:00AM Chris Crowe, Room 1