Service Ministries

Daily at CCH there are various opportunities to serve those around us. At any given time throughout the day Lance is taking a group to the hospital to visit and pray, David is working with a group in a local neighborhood for our helping hands ministry, Corey is meeting with our life group leaders helping prepare them for their upcoming groups, Don is meeting with international conversation partners, Lydia is taking a group of girls to visit a widow, Becky is taking a group of students to visit and encourage residents at a local nursing home. There are a variety of ways to serve and a never ending supply of opportunities around Columbia to show God’s love to others by putting our faith into action. Contact a CCH staff member today to find out more about joining a service ministry!
Here is a list of the time the various ministries happen throughout the week
Tiger Place Bible Study (1:45PM w/ Lance)
Coyote Hill (3:30-6PM w/ Becky every other week)
Prison (5-10PM w/ Lance & Tim Robertson) Must be 21 or older
Coyote Hill (3:25-6PM w/ Corey every other week)
Helping Hands (2-3PM)
Tiger Place Bible Study (3:45PM w/ Lance)
International Children’s Ministry (5-6PM w/ Dennis)
Widows (1:30PM w/ Lydia)
Nursing Home (3:00-4:00PM w/ Lydia)
Blue Ridge Club Day (3:15-4:30PM w/ Becky)
Media Ministry (5:30PM w/ Lydia)
The Well Logistics (6-10PM/arranged w/ Becky)
Outreach (7:20-8:20PM w/ Corey)
International Women’s Fellowship Childcare (9:30-10/10:00-11/10:30-11:30 AM w/ Lydia)
Helping Hands (3-4PM w/ Ben)
Hospital (Arranged w/ Lance)
International Student Ministry (arranged w/ David) **
English Conversation Partners (arranged w/ David)
Life Group Leaders (Pre-arranged w/ Corey)