Life Groups

CCH Life Groups are student-led groups that meet weekly to support, encourage, and spur each other on. Some of the time they will be looking into the Bible to learn together, other times will be simply fellowship, fun, and doing life together.
Fall Semester, 2017 Schedule:
Mondays @ 7pm—Meeting in the CCH lobby
Jared Meyers and Jake Sutherlin
Thursdays @ 7pm—Meeting at CCH
Cameron Flatt
Thursdays @ 8pm—Memorial Union
Jared Weece and Matt Martin
Tuesdays at 5pm—Meeting at CCH
Rebecca Jennings and Rachel Foley
Tuesdays @ 7pm—Meeting up at CCH
Annie Walsh and Abbi Martin
Mondays @ 7pm—Meeting at the Quad
John Gilman and Aimee Cobb
Tuesdays @ 8pm—AP Green Chapel
Luke Schweizer and Sam Hutchins
Tuesdays @ 8pm—Starbucks in Memorial Union
Will Deckard and Brooke Montgomery