ALL IN Building Campaign

That has been the CCH way for over 48 years. These words reflect the way CCH lived and taught the Word of God, the invitation given, and the lives of students who left here, a “follower of Jesus.” Some left for the mission field, some for vocational ministry and many to homes, churches and workplaces where they’ve put what they learned here into practice. Limited space every year meant only a few students could live at CCH and experience the full impact of our ministry. Even now, 100 beds are not enough. And so, we invite you to consider going ALL IN with us as we look at the future of Christian Campus House just like the founders of our ministry accepted the invitation from God many years ago.
As we embark on this campaign to build a new building, update existing buildings and reallocate existing space, we have a vision for greatly expanding the Lord’s ministry through CCH. The second and third floor of the new building will become home to 50+ additional guys. The first floor will become a multipurpose room used for CCH worship, house meetings and many other events. The basement of the North House (former girl’s house) will become home to the International Student Center. Both the North and Central houses will get a much needed makeover to bring them up to par with the other houses. We ask these simple questions…
Will you join the CCH staff and board in being ALL IN?
Will you express through prayers and support what CCH has meant to you and the Church?
Will you help us spread the word to alumni, their families and churches that we need their help?